"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."
– Coretta Scott King

The Mission of Chester County Masketeers is to collect home-made masks from volunteers to be distributed to non-medical essential organizations within the County as well as organizations serving at-risk populations. This program is not designed to accommodate individual needs.

Volunteers deliver donated supplies and completed masks to designated “drop-off” points. Coordinators will pick the masks up and contact the Volunteer Coordinator for delivery instructions.

Administrators determine which organizations qualify to receive masks based on need.


The handcrafted cloth face covers are not a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment, such as N95 masks. If you are unsure whether you should be using medical grade protective equipment, you should contact a health care professional for guidance.

 Nothing on this page is intended to be medical advice.  This page does not intend to state that the handmade cloth face covers will prevent the transmission of any disease or prevent the wearer from being infected by any disease, and there is no warranty or guarantee of the same.  Please see the most current CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidance for information regarding the use of face covers. 

In addition, the handcrafted face cover should not replace any other recommendations regarding the stopping or slowing of any illness, including COVID-19, provided by the CDC or the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The handcrafted cloth face cover should be washed before the first use, and may be washed after each use.

Masks Distributed

We'd like to thank

Our Behind-the-Seams masketeers

  • Carolyn Comitta and Margaret Smith Reif: Co-founders
  • Mayor Dianne Herrin
  • Angela Emrich: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Nithya Narayan: Facebook Page Manager and Group Moderator
  • Leslie Hudson and Kyle Hudson: Website  and Social Media
  • Kassie Newman: Communications Coordinator (if you email or call, she is your gal)
  • JoAnn Weinberger: Founder
  • Jay Kwon: Owner Parisian Cleaners, Tailor
  • Tris Ozark: Research Assistant
  • Carissa Pillay: Branding, Website Admin, and Sewer

Our Coordinators

  • Elaine Zeisler: West Caln Coordinator
  • Jade Neff: East Pikeland Coordinator
  • Lorrie Haring: Valley Township Coordinator
  • Joanne Jacob: WC Boro Coordinator
  • Susan Miner: Downingtown  and Fabric Coordinator
  • Liz Quigley: Fabric Coordinator
  • Debbie Harper: Malvern Coordinator
  • Genie Lehr: Kennett Square Coordinator
  • Clarissa Sherrow: Oxford Coordinator
  • Maria McCabe: East Brandywine Coordinator
  • Yolanda Vandekrol: Paoli and Fabric Coordinator

Our Partners

  • Chief Susette Wilson and the East Pikeland Police Department
  • Chief Morehead and the West Chester Police Department
  • Chief Newhall and the Valley Township Police Department
  • Chief Martinez and the West Caln Township Police Department
  • Chief Kocsi and the East Brandywine Twp Police Department
  • Chief Marcelli and the Malvern Borough Police


Our Donors

  • Hank Mintner: Regal Car Wash
  • Steve Deeg, Operations Manager, Kleen-Rite Corporation
  • McKonly Family, Owners, Klein-Rite Corporation
  • Comfort Care
  • Days for Girls Wayne
  • Marcy Chestnut, Maria McCabe, Susan Vassello and Elizabeth Prungel Casperite
  • Kristin Wolf
  • Melissa Hoffman

“Helping each other is something we like to do every day. Until now that help might ease someone’s pain or help carry their burden. Today helping others can mean the difference between life and death.  ‘Chester County Masketeers’ are neighbors helping neighbors – saving lives one mask at a time.”

The Honorable Carolyn T. Comitta State Representative, 156th Legislative District