Hello, 3,000 Masks!

Whew, what a week!

  • April Showers of Volunteers Bring May Record-Breaking Masks Numbers! We are so proud to announce that our incredible sewers have sewed 3,338 masks in just a few weeks!
  • We’d like to thank Day for Girls Wayne.
  • There are now 10 drop-off sites across the county, including 5 police stations.
  • We now have a core group of 20 volunteers, picking up masks from certain sites and dropping masks off to pre-determined locations, managing volunteers, picking up and dropping off fabric donations, and managing group communications. 
  • Since our volunteers are moving so quickly, we feel it won’t be long before we make enough masks for our essential county workers. After that point, we will be able to fulfill requests from community groups. Please contact us to let us know how many masks your group will need. You will be notified when they will be available.
  • Even if you can’t sew, there are plenty of ways to help with the project. A simple way is to share! The more we share, the more masks we make, and the more lives we save!

“I was a grateful recipient of the kindness of volunteers who had made a bag full of hand-sewn, cloth masks and they delivered them to my desk. They were donated by volunteers in an online group called “The Masketeers.” I have enough sewing knowledge that I could have constructed a thing to cover my face, but these masks are actually made with talent.”

Nate, a County employee who received one of our masks. Click here to read the whole letter.