One Year later

“Do not worry about why problems exist in the world – just respond to people’s needs.” - Mother Teresa

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we formed this group. Since then, we’ve had hundreds of volunteers sew, collect, and deliver 10,793 masks to nearly 30 county departments and non-profits in Chester County.

Our group has grown into hundreds of volunteers. We had masks sewn by groups of friends, mothers and daughters, and church members, as a family. Among our incredible volunteers, we’ve had some power sewers who created an astonishing amount of masks and hours:

  • Helen Garthwaite: No idea of how many hours, but around 1,100 masks. Guessing around 275 hours, assuming 15 minutes a mask. All donated to the VA, various local organizations, and the local community.
  • Regina Koch:1700 total, of which approximately 1000 for Chester County Hospital, 300 for a hospice organization, another 300 for friends, family and neighbors, and another 100 or so for the Masketeers. I estimated about 15 minutes for each mask, so that would come out to about 425 hours, or about 53 (8-hour days). Sounds about right, just a drop in the bucket I’m sure. You guys have done and continue to do an amazing job! Soooo glad to have contributed my little part.
  • Eva Miller: 1309 masks to the Masketeers and another 706 for Main Line Health, Geisinger Health and Senior facilities.
  • Marcia Gasser: 3000 total masks, ear savers and lanyards. 2000 for Chester County Masketeers.
For a year, there has been a team of “behind-the-seams” volunteers who have organized volunteers, collected donations, organized community requests,  managed collection points, posted on social media, and driven goods around the county. 
The abundance of gifts in this community: the gifts of head, hand, and heart. Our community is strengthened when we share our gifts. Keep sharing them. We want to thank anyone and everyone who has helped contribute to this project.